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What's The 411Sports Episode 3: Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Johnny Manziel and more

VIDEO CONVERSATION: Johnny Manziel, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Pam Oliver and more

What's The 411Sports Episode 3 featured a discussion of the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers losing season; Phil Jackson coming to New York, Michael Jordan's earnings for 2013; the NFL contemplating allowing the use of medical marijuana; Michael Sam declining an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner; who's going to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship; and where will Johnny Manziel land in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The featured interview was with Fox Sports Analyst, Pam Oliver. The interview took place at Media Row during the NFL's Super Bowl media week.

What's The 411Sports is hosted by Bianca Peart and Glenn Gilliam.

Floyd Mayweather, Teddy Bridgewater, the Donald Sterling Saga, Rapper 50 Cent

VIDEO CONVERSATION: Teddy Bridgewater, NBA FINALS, Serena and Venus Williams, Deron Williams, Anthony Mackie, and more 




LANCE STEPHENSON’S antics. Immaturity or much ado about nothing? Is STEPHENSON taking zeroes off of his next check?

BROOKLYN NETS GUARD DERON WILLIAMS underwent successful ankle surgery. BIANCA PEART gives a rundown of D-WILL’S recuperation period and his expected time to return to the team. GLENN GILLIAM asks did WILLIAMS get surgery on his heart. CHRIS GRAHAM says he’ll be back before DERRICK ROSE.

SERENA, VENUS, STEPHENSON, and FEDERER are out at the FRENCH OPEN. According to GLENN GILLIAM, the FRENCH OPEN commentators treat the foreigners better than the Americans; GLENN’S also disturbed that SERENA was in and out because she didn’t bring her a game. BIANCA added that SERENA was sitting courtside at GAME 6 of the MIAMI V. INDIANA PLAY-OFF GAME.


Eighteen-year-old tennis sensation TAYLOR TOWNSEND beat 21st-ranked ALIZE CORNET in the FRENCH OPEN.

The 205th-ranked TOWNSEND'S feat made her the youngest U.S. woman to advance to the third round at the FRENCH OPEN since 2003 -- is even more impressive considering just two years ago, the U.S. TENNIS ASSOCIATION attempted to keep her out of competition at the U.S. OPEN. It was suggested they would not restore their support until the teen, then the top-ranked junior player in the world lost weight.


It looks like TAYLOR TOWNSEND has better aim than 50 CENT. The rapper was on a publicity tour and displayed his poor pitching abilities at a recent METS game. He threw the ball very wide left; 50, stay in your lane!


It’s DOG HOUSE time and it seems like by the end of the segment, GLENN GILLIAM put both FLOYD MAYWEATHER and T.I. in the DOG HOUSE for MAYWEATHER’S inappropriate relationship with T.I.’S wife, TINY and for telling T.I. that he needs to check his “BITCH.” T.I. seems to be in the DOG HOUSE for seemingly boasting that he went toe-to-toe with MAYWEATHER.


Actor ANTHONY MACKIE is shopping a JESSE OWENS biopic.

ANTHONY MACKIE, of CAPTAIN AMERICA fame, is shopping around a JESSE OWENS biopic with WE ARE MARSHALL writer JAMIE LINDEN, ACCORDING TO DEADLINE. The would-be movie, which MACKIE would produce and star in, focuses on the lead-up to the 1936 BERLIN OLYMPICS, where OWENS won four gold medals in the shadow of HITLER'S REGIME.

The NBA DRAFT is on Thursday, June 26, 2014

FIFA WORLD CUP starts Thursday, June 12, 2014.

NOTE: What’s The 411TV hosts' comments are their own and not necessarily the opinion of What’s The 411 Networks.

Theatre Review: HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME, The Music of Tupac Shakur

HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is the Broadway musical based on the lyrics of the legendary rap artist, poet, and actor, TUPAC SHAKUR.

If you're looking for the Tupac story, this is not the one. HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is a social commentary on the plight of black men, particularly those from low-income communities. Tupac's lyrics and music undergirds the story.

When Tupac was alive he was revered by many and reviled by some. In HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME, you get to see that Tupac Shakur was a rebel with a cause and HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME amplifies his message magnificently.

The principal cast members of HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME are: Saul Williams; Christopher Jackson; Saycon Sengbloh; Ben Thompson; John Earl Jelks; Joshua Boone; Dyllon Burnside; and Tonya Pinkins.

Kudos to director Kenny Leon. From the lead characters to the supporting cast and chorus, they bring their "A" game; you feel their passion and emotions. You will care about some of the characters, and dislike and feel sorry for others.

In HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME, as in real life, we meet young men who are seeking guidance for ways to navigate the world. They are looking for direction from their peers and from older people whose navigational compass should be intact but has gone awry. This is evidenced by examples of the misguided use of sexuality and bravado masquerading as real manhood.

The music will have you at times wanting to dance in the aisles. If you're a purist and want to hear the lyrics as much as the music, well you might be disappointed on that score. The sound system periodically precludes you from hearing the clarity of the singer's voice.

As good as the production of HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is, there is one element missing.

Star power.

Sure, Broadway has transformed many unknowns into stars. However, when you have a production built on the music of a larger than life figure, the production deserves star power.

The book could have been written with a cameo appearance by a rapper that has street cred that we don't see or hear from every day. There are several rappers that fit this bill and any one of them would have gladly taken on the role. Hey for that matter, a long-standing hip-hop radio personality would have also worked and they could have helped with the marketing. Just ask the founders of FUBU and other urban clothing lines.

As for marketing, I'm still amazed at the number of people who don't know about HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME. It's clear that there were missed opportunities and marketing miscues unless of course, the producers were just trying to reach the traditional Broadway theater audience. The HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME logo is very unappealing. Although HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is not Tupac's biography, it is a perception of his life through his music. Consequently, the red carpet opening should have featured high-profile friends of Pac and those who worked with him and held him in high esteem, such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Snoop Lion, Malik Yoba, and director John Singleton; not to mention various hip-hop and urban radio and TV personalities, as well as influencers within the New York City urban community.

HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME makes a profound statement and it would be sad if it were to leave the Broadway scene too soon because the marketing plan doesn't match the level of intensity coming from the cast and musicians.

Moreover, the legacy of Tupac Shakur deserves better.


Boxing, Mob Wives, Jason Kidd, and Love and the Small Print

VIDEO: Jason Kidd, Bernard Hopkins, The Mob Wives and more

This episode of What's The 411 features:

• Boxer Zab Judah (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Boxer Bernard Hopkins (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
DJ Enuff (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
Jason Kidd Press Conference (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
Love Majewski, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
Penny Karagiogis, Celebrity Hairstylist (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Filmmakers Ramfis Myrthil and Adam Lawrence; Love and the Small Print (interviewed T.A. Moreland)
• Throwback Interview: 90s R&B Duo Terri & Monica (Interviewed by Amelia Moore)

This episode is hosted by Kizzy Cox and Crystal Henderson.

The script was written by Donna Leslie and Ramona Miles.

Love and the Small Print


What's The 411 correspondent, T.A. Moreland sat down for an interview with filmmakers of Love and the Small Print, Ramfis Myrthil, Producer; and Adam Lawrence, Producer, and Director.

Love and the Small Print focuses on three couples as they navigate through dramatic events in their relationships forcing them to make decisions that could change their lives, but not all couples survive with their sanity, or life, intact.

MOVIE REVIEW: OZ: The Great and Powerful


Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a circus magician of dubious character flees a well-deserved beating by an angry "colleague" by escaping in a hot air balloon. Diggs celebrates his triumphant getaway; but his glee is short lived. The balloon is soon engulfed by a Kansas-style twister. He lands in a strange place called Oz where the residents await his arrival. For it has been prophesized that a wise and powerful wizard would arrive, save the residents from the evil witch and would then become king. Along with becoming king, goes riches beyond Diggs' imagination.

But then there's the witches. There are the two sisters, Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Theodora (Mila Kunis); and Glinda (Michelle Williams). Evanora and Theodora warn Diggs that Glinda is evil and must be killed before he can ascend to the throne. But Glinda asserts that it is one of the sister who's really the evil witch. What's a man to do? In this case, Diggs has to prove to the residents of OZ that he is wise and powerful and worthy of their trust - and he has to determine who is actually the evil witch and deal with her.

In reviewing OZ: The Great and Powerful I have to acknowledge that I was never a fan of the classic, Wizard of Oz. So I am not surprised that I find OZ: The Great and Powerful the better of the two.

As would be expected of a Disney film, OZ is visual masterpiece with rich and vibrant colors which are enhanced by 3-D. The story is an entertaining mix of the old from the classic, and new storylines. There is a steady and undeniable sexual tension between Diggs and each of the three witches throughout the film. The cast is strong. Franco does an exceptional job playing the sneaky but likeable Diggs. Rachel Weisz is fascinating as Evanora.

OZ: The Great and Powerful receives a "B" grade for its cast diversity. Bill Cobbs plays a pivotal role as the Master Tinkerer. The diminutive Tony Cox scores big as Knuck.

According to press reports, Oz cost Disney plenty: $200 million in production costs, with another $125 million in advertising and publicity expenses.

On my rating scale of: See It, Rent It and Dead on Arrival. OZ: The Great and Powerful is definitely a See It. Oz is Great and Wonderful entertainment.

It rated PG and is 130 minutes in length.

Actor Kadeem Hardison Shines in "Panther"


Actor Kadeem Hardison sits down with What's The 411TV co-host Roceania to discuss the movie Panther and his role as Judge.

In the interview, Kadeem also speaks about how the death of Huey Newton affected him as he prepared for the movie.

NOTE: Kadeem Hardison was married to R&B singer Chante Moore.

Alia Jones-Harvey Receives Vanguard Award


What's The 411's A Salute to Black Broadway Honors Broadway's Finest

In 2006, Alia Jones-Harvey produced Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for Broadway.

"As lead producers, which is a distinction that Stephen Byrd my producing partner and I are proud to have, we develop the concept, we go after the financing, but then we hire the director we put together the entire company, bringing on the general manger, the company manager, the accountants, the lawyers, so it's really putting together the entire company from the ground up for each production that we do," said Alia Jones-Harvey in describing the role of the lead producers.

Lead producers can get involved with hiring the director and cast and Alia Jones-Harvey and Stephen Byrd were very hands-on with both productions.

"It is our prerogative to be very hands-on in that respect with our current production A Street Car Named Desire and even our last production. We were very honored to work with Debbie Allen on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof..."

As a lead producer of Broadway productions, going in Alia Jones-Harvey thought her sole focus would always be on the money, but something happened to change her mind with her first Broadway production, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

"My mindset was to make money for the investors and then I walked into the room with James Earl Jones and thought this is incredible. I don't believe two months ago I was supporting hedge funds, doing financial statements and investor relations for my hedge fund clients and today I am in a room with James Earl Jones talking about our vision for the first African-American production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway."

Then there is the extra pressure in remaking a classic Broadway production with an all Black cast.

"...there is an added pressure because what we hope for in the mix of audience that we bring to a show like this are the diehard Tennessee Williams fans that know every word that expect a certain interpretation and so we hope to please them as much as a new audience member who has never seen Tennessee Williams but enjoys one of the cast members or is a fan of the cast members."

In commenting about the future, Alia Jones-Harvey would like to produce more Broadway productions.

"I would love to continue to bring other plays to Broadway. There is always a financial consideration and for us as producers we are constantly reaching out for new opportunities to fund classic works. We're looking at more classic works right now that we might do in the future and also looking at what additional life Street Car will have."

Regarding receiving a A Salute to Black Broadway Vanguard Award from What's The 411TV, "I am really honored and it's especially wonderful for me to get a Vanguard Award because I have always looked at myself as someone who would take the path that had not been followed so I feel like this is symbolic of that and I am very honored."

Actor Michael DeLorenzo on What’s The 411 TV


In her very first interview, What's The 411's co-host, Amelia Moore, talks with actor Michael DeLorenzo, at a benefit for The Valley, a nonprofit organization servicing adolescents in upper Manhattan, led by John Bess.

DeLorenzo talks about his role as Eddie on the hit Fox television show, New York Undercover.

He also talks about how he prepared for the role and his feelings about the police. 

DeLorenzo stars with actor Malik Yoba on this Dick Wolf-produced weekly series.

DeLorenzo and Yoba (who is Black-American) made television history, as the series was the first police drama on American television to feature two people of color in the starring roles.

The interview was conducted around 1994-95.

Hope Springs

Ten Points on the movie: Hope Springs:

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple from Nebraska travels to New England for an intense, week-long counseling sessions to reignite the zest in their relationship. Steve Carell co-stars as the therapist.

It's good to see story starring baby boomer stars.

Meryl Streep shows why she's one of the great actresses of her generation. While Tommy Lee Jones proffers a solid performance, he is outshined a bit by Streep. Steve Carell is nearly perfect as their analyst.

The film exclusively focuses on Streep's and Jones's relationship and their interaction with their therapist.

It drags hopelessly through the middle portions. It would have been stronger with a stimulating subplot, maybe more involvement by their children – a son and a daughter.

The film has its amusing moments such as when the therapist asks the staid and conservative couple about their sexual fantasies and whether they engage in oral sex.

This is a low budget film, $30 million, (yes, that's low budget by Hollywood standards) which will mean that it won't have to do quite as well at the box office to be profitable.

Hope Springs get's a "C" for cast diversity. The cast is small and not a lot of opportunities to squeeze in many performers of color. But it manages to feature some black performers in bit parts such as the cab driver.

Hope Springs gets a Rent It. Intellectually stimulating and definitely the type of movie that is perfect for a wintry Saturday evening with a glass of wine and popcorn.

It's rated PG – 13 and is just under two hours in length.

Ten Points on Films Rating System:

See It – It's worth the time and expense of going to the movie theater.

Rent it – It has some entertainment value, but wait and see it at home.

Dead on Arrival – Not worth your time!

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