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Ray Rice Elevator Video Surfaces: What Did The NFL Miss?

Former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP Former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice

The world took a collective gasp and had a WTH moment after TMZ Sports released a copy of a video showing Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee and now wife, Janay Palmer Rice in the elevator at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The response to the video from football fans and others has been swift and deep. The Baltimore Ravens immediately dropped Ray Rice and the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely.

Had NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seen this video when he suspended Ray Rice for only two games? Had the Baltimore Ravens organization seen this video when it decided to keep Ray Rice on the team? Is this the end of Ray Rice's career in the NFL? Does Ray Rice deserve a second chance in the NFL? Does Ray Rice have appealable issues?

Your thoughts? You can comment below.

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