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Did Wendy Williams Really Know Kevin Hunter Was Leading a Double Life?

Wendy Williams on Radio Andy's show on Sirius/XM Photo Credit: Maro Hagopian Wendy Williams on Radio Andy's show on Sirius/XM

Some fans of Wendy Williams want her to forget about Kevin Hunter and move on, others say it's okay for her to be friends

WENDY WILLIAMS' fans are upset that the talk show host wants to remain friends with her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter. One fan stated on The Shade Room’s Instagram post:

‘Forgiveness & love are two powerful things. She needs to focus on a friendship w herself first. It’s too soon, she clearly still loves him n is hurting, that’s no surprise & it’s OK! But she needs to work on self-love now, heal & only then can she truly forgive. I (have) been there Wendy. I tried to forget n called it forgiving.’

Q. Wendy also mentioned on the “Radio Andy” show on Sirius/XM that she knew for years that her husband had a double life with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. What do you make of this latest revelation and do you think she should remain friends with Kevin Hunter?